The reviews are in: Karen Mason is a star!

2022 Accolades

Could it be possible that the wondrous Karen Mason could outdo herself on the cabaret stage? Anyone present for her recent triumph with 30…and Counting would have to vote a resounding “yes!”  (Marilyn Lester/NiteLifeExchange)

Mason gathered intensity, breathing the lyric, devouring it, moving ever outward, in a performance that brought down the house!  (Sarah Downs/The Front Row Center)

Karen Mason has been collaborating with MD/pianist Christopher Denny for 30 years, her director (and writer of special material), Barry Kleinbort, almost that long. They were lucky to find one another. We were lucky they found one another.  (Alix Cohen/Woman Around Town)

Other incredible reviews

“An American idol! A rarity — intense and intimate!”
New York Times

“Fierce emotion! Intense and intimate! She creates a mood of wild expectation. Hearty affability… the kind of person you sense you could trust to be a loyal friend! A rarity!”
New York Times, 1999

“Ms. Mason is that rare artist who combines talent, skillful musicality, deep emotional availability and a great measure of trust in her improvisational, inspired self. Wow! This is a great Christmas show.”
“Karen Mason is magic—pure magic,” Susan Hasho, Times Square Chronicles

“Christmas never sounded smarter. Or wittier. Or more whimsical. You’d expect as much from Karen Mason, a savvy cabaret artist who brings more brainy introspection and worldly wise perspectives to American song than many of her peers.”
“Karen Mason’s wickedly wise ‘Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!'”
Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

“No one in cabaret walks the line between humor and sorrow, joy and despair as nimbly as Karen Mason. She can switch emotional tone from one to the next in a flash, before the listener fully realizes what has happened.”
“Karen Mason reveals ‘Secrets of the Divas,'” Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune